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Arethos Pte ltd was formed in Singapore in the year 2005 with the vision to provide high quality, affordable software services to Singapore.
Over a period of time, Arethos invested time and people to strengthen its expertise in Microsoft SharePoint and .Net technologies.

Arethos is a Microsoft's Certified Partner in Collaboration and Content Competency "stand out as a partner that is capable of delivering SharePoint solutions" since 2009.

The name ARETHOS is coined by two Greek Words:

ARETE Excellence through the involvement of all abilities and potentialities – strength, knowledge, bravery, virtue and wit.
ETHOS Ethics, integrity and other guiding beliefs and ideals that characterize a community, nation or ideology.

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Our Vision

Arethos Pte Ltd is promoted by Information Technology professionals with an extensive management experience in the IT industry.

We, as a software development enterprise, believe in delivering innovative, high quality, cost effective IT consulting and software solutions. Protection of customer’s intellectual property forms the core of Arethos’s infrastructure and processes.

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