Software Design
& Development

Application Development

Arethos provides consulting and application development services to the enterprises. Be it is a standalone desktop or web-based application, we provide wide range of quality tailor-made solutions according to the requirements. We tap on latest technologies like Microsoft .Net, MVC, .Net Core to develop the solutions for client-server, web application, workflow systems and standalone systems.

We believe asking right question and directing to the right path leads to the better solution! Our experts dealt with COTS to custom solutions in different domains like Logistics, Media, Governments who can take your organisation in right path to achieve business value.

Our delivery approach builds on guidelines and principles of quality service delivery on time and on budget. We have been delivering high calibre applications to various government clients in Singapore which connects citizens to digital experiences and achieved zero human interventions!

Design Services

We specialise in User eXperience, web design prototypes, and information architecture. Our UX experts understand people and their needs and behaviour who come up with Digital Strategy aligned with your business strategy and goals.

Information architecture is science of structuring the content and navigation and it is the blueprint of the design structure. Your customers expect the information search should be quick and in less time in the website. Our web developers and IA architects are experienced in creation of intuitive, easy-to-navigate websites whether be it a new website or revamp of the existing website.

Our UI designers brings a seamless, enjoyable experience by coming up with aesthetic look and feel web site prototypes, visual designs.


Change is constant! Every system has a lifecycle and become obsolete sooner or later due to various reasons. Be it a change in technology or the business needs or whatever the reason, it will be necessary to upgrade and migrate the existing software.

Our migration consultants with the help of tools and techniques and years of experience assist you to properly plan, mitigate the risk for the smooth transition to the new system. As an example, Arethos helped a global broadcast corporation to transit the way they execute the channel playout, content quality control and minimising the airtime for channel programs by changing their technology platform, collaboration approach and software within a short period of time.

Quality Assurance

When it comes to quality, Arethos takes things with at most care! Quality assurance is the process which assures the developed software is monitored and conform to the set of defined standards. In Arethos we follow the TQM standards as designed by “Quality Control in IT” chapter of the United Kingdom. We follow stringent methods to employ and measure quality standards in all technological aspect of technology in IT. The quality of delivered products and services are constantly checked for quality as expected by our clients. A total quality improvement cycle is put in place for a constant improvement in quality of all products and services.

Our QA personnel left no stone unturned to test the software before deployed for users testing. We do manual testing, peer-peer testing and use automation tools to defect tracking, load testing and security testing.

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