Preventive Maintenance & Support

“Prevention is better than cure” which is applicable to IT systems as well! PM is a series of processes, guidelines, and tools that help the business do as much preventive maintenance as possible while being efficient with its time effort, and money. Be it a hardware equipment or software application, maintain them well plays a key role in any organisation since it improves your efficiency and productivity of the business.

For about 12 years, Arethos has been providing application and hardware support and maintenance services to customers and proved to be a professional and reliable partner. We provide both in-house and remote support or any combination of the two according to customer needs, we can boost the cost-efficiency of your maintenance services. Working closely with your team gives us the deep insights we need to bring you impactful results relevant to your business strategy.

Our best practices include ensuring systematic and process-oriented strategy, well developed documents about systems and trained personnel. Some applications might need continuous improvement while others would have to be updated at regular intervals. All the possible errors and user needs must be tracked and documented to give a boost to your business. We maintain a KEDB which helps the support personnel to identify the repetitive or likely bugs and fix with minimal time. All this ensures the software is of top-notch quality with bare minimum bugs.

Customer experience is paramount and in this regard the software must live up to the customer’s highest expectations. In Singapore, we provide application support and maintenance for various Government agencies like PUB, A Star, EMA, BCA, NUS etc. Being a vendor to agencies like these proves how committed our team in providing the services. We provide mix of onsite and offsite support and dedicated or shared model depending on the need of the customer and our services are to provide support for agreed SLA between the customer and us with right price!

In North America, Arethos provides support and maintenance services for our products in logistics domain. Our Global Development and Support centre in India takes care of the offshore support on 24/7/365 module. A team of more than 100 technical resources working on shifts to provide support for the truck owners and drivers on the move for Canada and United States of America.

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