Enterprise Mobility

Do you have the questions like the below?

  • • Should you go with a native app, or should you go cross platform with a hybrid app or a responsive HTML5 website?
  • • Should you focus on only one platform (iOS, Android etc) or should you go with a cross platform approach?
  • • How would the new enterprise app interact with your existing IT assets like databases and corporate networks?
  • • How would you deal with user data? Should it be stored on the cloud or on the device?
  • • How can you make the user experience optimal and contextual?

If the answer is YES, then you are in the right place!!


The introduction of iPhone apps has greatly increased the functionality of an iPhone. We have a dedicated team of Iphone app developers who develop robust applications. Our iPhone application developers possess detailed knowledge of the iOS platform and specialize in creating applications required for diverse purposes. The team has expertise in creating innovative apps with rich graphics. Our company is a member of the iOS Developer Program, which enables us to use IOS SDK for development and testing purposes. The following tools and technologies are used for application development

Objective-C (obj-C), Xcode, iPhone SDK, Cocoa TouchXCode Development, Accelerometer, Location Based Services, GPS positioning/location, Web services/Soap/XML/JSON, Audio & Video playback and Streaming Application


Android operating system is the most extensively used operating systems in smartphones these days. Therefore, the development of android applications for users is of utmost importance. We create different applications for the android platform in order to entertain as well as assist our users in various ways. We have created several innovative applications till date.

Our android development team has the expertise and knowledge to create and deliver applications to suit the specific requirements of clients. Our dedicated team can develop various user-friendly apps for variety of subjects like Education, News, Fitness, Travel, Music and Geographical location-based apps. Our dedicated team of app developers is responsible for the entire process from development to the implementation on the Google paly store as well as any technical support required in future. Our customer-oriented approach and well equipped would provide a sustainable solution for our customers.

Our enterprise mobility solutions enable your employers, clients and partners to enhance the way the want to do business and work. We provide mobile solutions on all major mobile Operating systems and platforms. With the necessary security mechanisms like identity and access control, information and threat protection in place Enterprise Mobility is the best approach for modern workforce. Arethos provides seamless access to the enterprise level applications across any platform and devices.

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